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About TikTok & Followers

About Free TikTok Followers & LikesWith so many social media platforms now available, it can be hard to manage each of your accounts, making sure that you optimize the number of followers, likes and views you get on each one.

TikTok has exploded in popularity in recent months with its short, funny videos often set to music.

If you do have TikTok, you know all about how fun and addicting scrolling through your feed or creating new content only to watch it get more views and likes with each passing moment.

If you don’t, TikTok revolves around videos of up to 60 seconds, with its most recent update, and scrolling through the featured or “For You” page, which uses complex algorithms to predict which videos you might like, can be incredibly fun.

If simply consuming content isn’t really your thing, or if it is and you just want to make your own content in addition to the content you are seeing, making new videos is definitely the way to go.

There are a select few TikTokers who have been able to make a career out of posting zany videos on this platform, much like YouTube stars do on their platform of choice. However, to do this you first need a huge following, and that can be a long process.

Building a good follower fanbase can take a frustrating amount of time if you’re just starting on this new platform. Luckily, there are a handful of ways to get TikTok followers for free.

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#1 Became Viral on TikTok


The most straightforward way to get free TikTok followers is to simply create content that people want to see.

Doing this will get you views on your videos and creating good content consistently will make it much more likely for you to increase the number of free followers you have.

As you can probably guess though, this can be a hard thing to do. It can be hard to tell exactly what people want to see, and even if you have one TikTok go viral or see a large number of views, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to continue producing good content and get more and more followers and likes.

Incredibly successful TikTokers often run their profiles like any other brand.

They may have a management team that helps them produce content they think will be popular or a marketing team that helps them promote their profile.

If you’re just getting started on this app or just doing it for fun, there is a very small chance you have access to either of those things, and both cost money.

Though these investments can pay off if done carefully and correctly, you probably won’t have either of these things the first time you post a video. And you still want to grow your following without spending money up front to do it.

That is where the other methods to get free followers and likes come into play.

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#2 Get a Popular Person to Follow You

Get-free-followers-tiktokGetting the attention of an incredibly successful or popular TikTok star is another good way to gain more free followers.

People have done this in the past by following and unfollowing the same star until their attention is caught and they decide to check out your profile or follow you back.

This can earn you huge amount of free followers, likes, and can even result in their fanbase deciding to check out your content if they know their favorite influencer is following you.

Commenting on popular videos can do this, too.

Clever or humorous comments can often cause other users to want to check out your profile. And if your video content lives up to the funny comments you can make on other people’s videos, chances are you’ll be able to gain free followers and likes that way.

Commenting on as many popular posts as possible is a good way of ensuring at least a few of those comments gain some attention, especially if they are tasteful, relevant, and funny.

#3 Participate in Viral Challenges

Tiktok-free-followerTikTok trends tend to go viral in ways they simply don’t on other platforms.

While YouTube has seen the cinnamon challenge, ice bucket challenge, and more go viral, TikTok has already had its own set of viral challenges, from the Kiki challenge to the make mom smile hashtag.

Participating in these challenges can get you followers since the concepts are already popular.

The odds of you ending up on someone’s “For Me” page by doing something no one has seen before are probably lower than the odds of that happening when you participate in one of these challenges.

In addition to making it more likely for your new content to get you more views, likes, and free followers, participating in challenges allows you to draw inspiration from other challenge participants.

You don’t have to invent new concepts in order to gain more followers, instead you can simply use existing trends that have already gained popularity and put your own twist on them.

#4 Share your Content

Free-TikTok-Followers-2021-shareSharing newly released content on other social media platforms is totally free and relatively easy way to get free followers on tiktok.

For people who might not have TikTok but do use other social media platforms like Facebook or YouTube, sharing your TikTok content through these mediums can help you convert YouTube or Facebook followers to free followers and likes on TikTok.

Even if your content isn’t doing as well as you would like it to on TikTok, there’s a chance it could blow up on one of these other platforms.

It’s incredibly simple and easy to do, as well.

Sharing content like this on other social media platforms also allows for more shares and, therefore, more tiktok followers and likes, across these platforms.

If you are able to link another social media account to your TikTok account, both profiles have the ability to build off of one another until both are more successful than they otherwise would be.

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#5 Collaborate via "Duets"

Though it can be hard to find these connections initially, collaborating with TikTokers who may be more successful than you is a great way to gain large number of tiktok followers or likes for free.

Even doing this with people who have the same number, or even less, followers than you can expose them to your content in a way that otherwise would not happen.

Having another TikToker’s followers watch your content simply because their favorite TikToker is also in the video is a great way to tap into a fan base that you may have never had access to otherwise.

Finding someone to collaborate with that has a similar brand of content to you is a fantastic way to ensure their fans will be interested in your content.

TikTok even has a Duet option that makes collaborations especially simple to set up and execute.

#6 Other Ways to Get Free TikTok Followers

How-To-Get-Free-TikTok-Likes-2021The main method for getting free TikTok followers without needing to spend the time and effort needed to grow a following organically is to find online resources that give you a specified number of followers for free.

Our website provides free services for a limited number of followers.

You can get up to 5000 free followers within 24 hours just by providing your TikTok username.

Numerous other apps and websites offer similar promotional offers, where you can get a certain number of followers and likes for free while some kind of payment is needed to get numbers into the hundreds or thousands of new followers.

For this reason, this may not be the best method for finding free followers.

The amount of time you would spend to find enough websites to gain even a few hundred new followers would probably end up being more than the time it would take to film, edit, and upload a video up to 60 seconds in length that has the potential to get you many more followers than you ever could by visiting these websites.

That said, it can still be an effective way to obtain new followers.


While there are numerous ways to find free TikTok followers, the best way to do it is to try to create unique, original content that you think will draw viewers.

Being able to do this consistently is important, and doing the things previously discussed, like sharing content on other platforms and collaborating with other successful content producers, can help boost your profile and get more tiktok followers and likes.

Putting your own unique spin on trendy challenges can allow you to use video concepts proven to draw lots of views while gaining the attention of a popular TikTok star can help you tap into their already existing fanbase.

And if all else fails, there are sites online that that offer free followers, usually with the simple entry of a TikTok username.

Whichever method you choose, any of these options are sure to boost the number of followers you have on TikTok.